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We engineer solutions to the challenges you face every day—and support you every step of the way.

Products Are Only as Good as the Services That Support Them

When it comes to solving problems in your facilities, making your systems more efficient, and growing your business in competitive industries, buying the best-in-class products isn’t always enough if you’re just left on your own after you buy them.

We help you select the right product, perform audits of your systems, and provide manufacturer-certified field service.

We don’t just sell products and services—we stand behind them.

For over 50 years, Winn-Marion has been a leader in automation and control acquisition. We don’t just provide best-in-class products from best-in-class manufacturers all under one roof—we support those products from conception to engineering and beyond.

Engineered Heat Trace Solutions

Winn-Marion offers a complete line of heat trace equipment and engineered solutions to suit any application—including commercial, hopper and chute, tank and vessel, freeze protection, and high temperature solutions.

We’re here to help you find the best heat trace products, whether your project is large or small, and design a solution that fits your needs and your situation.

Heat Trace Audits

Winn-Marion doesn’t just offer heat trace products—we also offer comprehensive heat trace audit services to ensure that the heat trace products you already have are doing the best job they can.

No matter your industry, we can provide a detailed analysis of your heating system to ensure reliability and address heat trace issues before they lead to costly downtime.

Automated Valve Solutions

Winn-Marion offers custom valve solutions (engineering, actuation, and repair) from some of the top valve manufacturers, including Valmet, Hydroplex, Woodward, Habonim, and Flowserve.

The valves we offer are built to function reliably in extreme situations and suit a wide range of applications. We are here to help with every aspect of selecting, installing, and servicing the right valves for you.

Woodward Repair and Overhaul

For over 20 years, Winn-Marion has partnered with Woodward, the world’s leading manufacturer of engine and turbine control systems, as the only authorized repair facility in the Rocky Mountain region.

We provide comprehensive repair, remanufacturing, installation, calibration, and field-service to all Woodward products.

Oil & Gas Facility Automation & Electrification

A leader in automation, Winn-Marion is pioneering the convergence of automation and electrification in oil and gas field operations across the nation. The heart of reliable connectivity in the field, electrification from Winn-Marion provides a one-stop-shop from distribution substation to socket. We provide a variety of solutions, from underground electrical installations, remote terminal unit (RTU) battery backups, and switch gears, to motor control center (MCC) racks, separator automation, and cable tray installation.

Service Beyond Parts From a Catalog

50 Years of Industry Expertise

For a half century, we’ve helped clients in the oil and gas, mining, power, manufacturing, and chemical industries find all the right products they need all under one roof.

Solutions to Your Problems

At Winn-Marion, we don’t just sell you parts from a catalog—we specialize in helping you select, install, and field-service exactly the right products for your needs so operations run smoothly and you stay ahead of the competition.

Constant Innovation

We’re always finding new opportunities to expand our product and service options and capabilities, with a singular focus on cutting-edge product lines and creative processes and solutions for our clients’ needs.

A Focus on the Best and Brightest

We’re dedicated to representing only the best manufacturers in the industry and making sure that you get the most out of their products with manufacturer-certified support and engineering.

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