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We partner with Freewave to deliver mission-critical data.

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Data Transmission



Total Solution Design

Preeminent Partners
for Industrial Edge Computing

Winn-Marion trusts Freewave to make our solutions work. We hand-picked them for our wireless data needs because they provide reliable, secure communication, even in harsh or remote environments. From design and implementation to management and beyond, you can feel confident that we stand behind every Freewave product we sell and service.

A Leader in True IIoT Solutions

The world depends on FreeWave for wireless connectivity. With embedded and board-level radios, FreeWave transforms manufactured products into true Industrial IoT (IIoT) solutions.

Their low-cost, low-power smart sensors monitor and control infrastructure, leveraging the power of the smart sensor with ZumLink and WavePro, driving intelligence and communication from the field to the control room for upstream oil and gas companies, as well as power plants.

Winn-Marion will connect you to the best FreeWave products to drive intelligence and communication in your industrial systems.

FreeWave – Industrial Edge Computing and Wireless Solutions

Edge Evolved

Every edge environment, from oilfields to solar farms to military theaters, holds untapped efficiency and performance gains.
FreeWave gives you the power to do it all, delivering the only ecosystem of edge intelligent radios and solutions to transform the extreme edge of your operation into a connected part of your enterprise.

Strengthening the Global Food Chain

FreeWave’s platform powers precision agriculture technologies to preserve natural resources while maximizing crop yield. Farms of all sizes and the leading agriculture OEMs depend on our edge connectivity and computing solution to support everything from soil moisture monitoring to remote pivot irrigation control to RTK-guided autonomous tractors.

Protecting Air Quality and Lives by Air

In addition to supporting applications for weather monitoring and clean air measurement, FreeWave provides the critical control, telemetry, and payload links to drones used for search and rescue, medical and food supply drops, and more.

Enabling Sustainable Energy Strategies

With FreeWave, oil & gas, mining, wind, solar, and electric operations can remotely access real-time data needed to optimize production across the board and implement automation applications to create more output at a reduced carbon footprint.

FreeWave Industrial Edge Computing

Data is everywhere, but without on-site connectivity, not being able to access that data could be hurting your operations.

FreeWave Edge allows you to retrieve data from your sensors and devices with edge polling and alarming, so your systems are future-proofed, and set up for operational success.

Solve the problem of lost data, low quality data collection, connectivity gaps and congested networks with a data platform that delivers.

FreeWave Radio Products

Companies turn to FreeWave for I/O wireless solutions that are rugged, easy to use, flexible, and cost-effective. Freewave offers best-in-class range and reliability, and is a great choice for connectivity to serial devices in the most demanding applications.

Our radio products are a cost-effective solution that allow customers to incorporate wireless communications into a wide variety of applications with versatile, long-range, easy to deploy, cost-effective, low power, secure, noise immunity, error-free comms, industrial grade board-level products with rugged enclosures.

Find the right FreeWave radio solution for your situation.

FreeWave Wireless I/O Sensors

WaveContact interfaces with a range of sensors deployed in industrial and critical infrastructure markets such as oil and gas, electric power, water, wastewater, and environmental monitoring.

FreeWave’s WaveContact wireless I/O sensors are ruggedized, low power, simple to install, easy to operate, highly compatible, cost competitive, and allows data transmission not feasible with conduit (road crossings, paved facilities).

Winn-Marion offers complete support for FreeWave’s line of WaveContact wireless I/O sensors.

FreeWave is one of many brands Winn-Marion is proud to represent.

Through our partnership with FreeWave, Winn-Marion offers a complete line of industrial IoT (IIoT) solutions to ensure that your infrastructure can maximize its efficiency and sustainability and remain highly functional even in edge environments.

Winn-Marion endeavors to provide all of our customers with quality products and innovative solutions—properly selected to fit each application—every time. We don’t just sell products and wish you good luck. We can assist in startup, integration & customization tailored exactly to our customers’ needs.