Thermon – Partner since 1997

For nearly 30 years, Winn-Marion has partnered with Thermon to deliver the best and most innovative solutions for industrial heating applications.

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Total Solution Design

Universal Compatibility

Easy to Use

Investment Protection

Total Solution Design

Universal Compatibility

Easy to Use

Investment Protection

Best-In-Class Partners for Flow Control Solutions and Services

Winn-Marion makes it work. That’s why we hand-pick our partners for total reliability and performance. From conception to engineering, commissioning, and beyond, we support every product we sell and service.

Thermon – Leading provider of industrial heating solutions

Thermon is a leading manufacturer of innovative solutions for industrial heating applications. Together Thermon and Winn-Marion specialize in providing complete flow assurance, process heating, temperature maintenance, freeze protection and environmental monitoring solutions to the energy and chemical markets.

Winn-Marion can help you properly design and select the proper heat tracing products to ensure that all aspects of your application have been considered.

Thermon: Providing Innovative Heating Solutions for Over 60 Years

A History of Innovation

From creating the first packaged tracing systems, to the development of high performance heating technology, Thermon has provided customers with the best solutions for their heating needs since 1954.

Serving Industries Far and Wide

Industries served include renewable energy, chemicals, commercial, data center, food and beverage, maritime, mining and mineral processing, oil and gas, pharmaceutical biotech, power generation, rail and transit, semiconductor, and more.

Products to Solve All Your Heating Needs

Whether you’re looking for complete flow assurance, industrial heating, temperature maintenance, freeze protection or environmental monitoring, Thermon has you covered.

Training and Guidance for all Products

Thermon offers a combination of practical and hands-on training—from basic operations of the many different controllers to the final connections of communications and supervisory software—saving time and money and preventing unnecessary downtime due to failed equipment.

Thermon Heat Trace Equipment

As the global leader in industrial heating, Thermon brings deep industry experience to provide trusted designs to continuously meet your needs.

Electric heat tracing cables, steam trace products, heat transfer compounds, tank/hopper heating, system accessories, controls and monitoring tools, and design technology

In any application—commercial, hopper and chute, tank and vessel, freeze protection, and high temperature—Winn-Marion has a complete line of heat tracing engineered solutions.

Winn-Marion’s experts are here to solve your heat tracing needs and help you select the right products for your situation.

Thermon Industrial and Commercial Heating

Thermon is the global leader in industrial heating solutions. Our advanced heating and filtration systems will help to maintain safe temperatures in heavy industrial and hazardous facilities. Helping to keep your building, your equipment, and your employees safe is why we do what we do.

Includes: Immersion Heaters, Engineered Heating & Filtration Systems, Explosion-Proof Gas Catalytic Heating, Explosion-Proof Electric Air Heating, Boilers and Calorifiers.

Winn-Marion can help you choose, install, and integrate the right Thermon heater for your business needs.

Thermon Tubing Bundles

Tubing bundles are typically used to protect viscous materials from freezing, to avoid gas condensation, and to improve employee safety.

From freeze protection to process temperature maintenance, Thermon’s tube trace tubing bundles have everything you need to weatherproof your tubing and keep your systems fully functional in all conditions.

Winn-Marion will help you find the right Thermon electrically heated tubing bundles, steam and fluid heated tubing bundles, and system accessories for you.


From tanks, pipes and tubing bundles to blankets and enclosure heaters, Powerblanket protects your equipment and fluids from freezing or overheating in the field. Your one-stop solution for all your thermal needs, Powerblanket provides just the right amount of heat to protect critical components and fluids without overheating or burning. No matter what field condition you may be facing, Powerblanket helps regulate temperatures, maintain operational efficiencies, and avoid unnecessary repairs.

Protect your field equipment, and your bottom line, with Powerblanket’s precision thermal heating products.

Thermon is one of many brands Winn-Marion is proud to represent.

Through our partnership with Thermon, Winn-Marion offers a complete line of industrial temperature maintenance and heating technologies.

Winn-Marion endeavors to provide all of our customers with quality products and innovative solutions—properly selected to fit each application—every time. We don’t just sell products and wish you good luck. We can assist in startup, integration & customization tailored exactly to our customers’ needs.