Hydroplex Valves

Automate control of high pressure liquids and gases with complete pump skids and injection systems designed, tested, and fabricated to meet your exact specifications.


Modular Design

Extended Service

Automated Pressure Drops


Modular Design

Extended Service

Automated Pressure Drops

The best Hydroplex products and solutions, delivered by Winn-Marion

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A Long History of Flow and Pressure Solutions

For over 40 years, Hydroplex has manufactured the gold standard in rugged, innovative high-pressure triplex pumps, valves, and accessories to serve the oil and gas industries and more.

Whether you need flexibly designed multi orifice valves, high-pressure regulators, check valves, or bleed valves, the Hydroplex Hydra Series provides you with the precise control you need for high pressure hydrostatic testing.

Winn-Marion is proud to be an authorized Hydroplex Value Provider, connecting you to all of the right Hydroplex solutions for your industry and supporting your Hydroplex products through their lifespan, from installation to field servicing to maintenance.

Let us help Hydroplex match the right valve to your pump.

Hydroplex Hydra Series Valves

Multi Orifice Valves

Hydroplex Hydra Series valves are specifically designed to control high pressure liquids and gases while providing reliability and extended service.

Innovative Modular Design

The valve body is not sacrificed during normal service, thanks to the replaceable downstream hub on some models, and most female drive actuators can be directly mounted with no need for brackets or couplings!

Multiple Stage Pressure Drops

Hydra Series’ innovative valve designs allow for multiple stage pressure drops within one valve and allows for conversions from manual to automated and altering of pressure drops in the field for most models.

Minimax Throttling Valves

Hydroplex’s Minimax line of Throttling Valves are durable, powerful quarter turn valves providing up to 3000 pst MAWP with direct mount actuation and convertible configuration. With no lifter required and 6 sizes of control disks available, Minimax throttling valves are versatile and well-suited for a wide range of oil and gas applications, including oilfield dump valves, water and gas injection, manifold pressure control, reverse osmosis, gas and condensate production, and more.

Hydramax Valves

Hydroflex’s line of HydraMax valves provide rugged, durable service for a wide range of applications, featuring direct mount actuation, hardened stainless steel wear sleeves, multistage DP systems, and up to 5,000 psi MAWP.

HydraMax valves are ideal for liquid and gas pressure and flow control, water and gas injection, gas and condensate production, automated throttle valve applications, MOV choke points, separator dump valves, and more.

HC Series Valves

Hydramax’s HC series of Hydra throttling valves, including HCI, HCA, and HCY valves, feature unique and robust designs for unparalleled performance. HC series valves have robust bodies that can be used again and again, can be serviced in place without disconnecting pipings or actuators, and can achieve multiple stage pressure drops in the same valve.

CSX Valves

Hydroplex’s CSX line of electric twin disc quarter-turn dump valves are made from high-quality materials and enable the actuator to be directly mounted to the valve body with standard ISO/DIN bolting patterns.

CSX valves are perfect for a wide range of oil and gas industry applications, including gas lift surface valves, fluid injection and flow control, manifold pressure control, gas and condensate production, separator dump valves, automated throttle valves, gas lift surface choke points, and more.

Hydroplex is one of many brands Winn-Marion is proud to represent.

Winn-Marion offers full support for every one of the Hydroplex products we sell. We work hard to ensure that whatever Hydroplex Hydra series valves you need, they are optimized for your applications and poised to grow your business from day one. At Winn-Marion, we don’t just sell Hydroplex products—we also assist in startup, integration, and customization tailored exactly to suit your needs.