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The Importance of Quality Control Systems

Processing plants, manufacturers, and other facilities require state-of-the-art control systems to reduce the human margin of error of vital processes. These control systems also provide automation and ease of control in difficult environments.

When legacy control systems become outdated or business needs change, it’s important to find a solution that solves complex control applications.

Winn-Marion provides turnkey control system integration services to simplify your plant integration and emissions control systems, while boosting overall efficiency.

Control System Integration Services Designed to Fit Your Needs

The specialists at Winn-Marion offer a wide range of control system integration services that are designed to fit any operation model and improve product quality.

Reduced Costs

Our control systems provide real-time data on the performance of critical components, helping to reduce downtime, maintenance, and service costs.

Cutting-Edge Technology

At Winn-Marion, we only use the best products from name brand manufacturers, such as ABB Controls, Woodward, and Johnson Matthey.

Custom Solutions

We provide complete control integration services for a wide range of common and unique applications, from custom panel design to Smart LACT Systems.

Servicing a Wide Range of Applications

  • MEP SCADA Systems

  • Ski Lift Engine Controls

  • Analyzer Services

  • Rich Burn and AFR Controls

  • Smart LACT Systems

  • Catalyst Element Cleaning

  • Custom Panel Design

  • Natural Gas Analysis Shelter

  • Catalyst Monitoring System

  • Geothermal Plant Automation

  • Gas Processing Plant

  • Cloud-based SCADA

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