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Stay Ahead of the Game

Winn-Marion has led the way in the commercial and industrial energy markets for end-to-end automation and control solutions for over a half century.

As energy solutions continue to evolve, our teams are ready to serve with our deep expertise in oil and gas, architecture and engineering firms, biotech and pharmaceuticals, mining, food and beverage, and electric vehicle (EV) charging.

We partner with the best manufacturers and design the simplest and most elegant solutions to solve complex energy and engineering challenges wherever you need us.

End-to-End Automation

No matter how big or how small your project is, our automation team handles all aspects of your project – we design it, we build it, we install it, and we keep it running smoothly.

With over 100 field service technicians across twelve states, it’s our promise to you that our engineered and automated solutions will outperform all others and keep you at peak performance.

Electric Vehicle (EV) Charging

As a leader in the industrial electrical market, it is only natural for Winn-Marion to extend our expertise to the EV evolution.

As a leading partner of ABB, and their national network of EV charging infrastructure solutions, Winn-Marion offers a complete portfolio of charging products – from compact, high-quality AC wall boxes, to reliable DC fast charging stations for large municipal fleets. Our expert EV electricians are with you every step of the way – from design and permitting, to commissioning and installation, and beyond.

Industrial Electrical Services

Winn-Marion has the expertise to streamline your energy usage with a full line of industrial electrical services and a certified electrical team ready to serve.

From panel design, installation, certified motor startup, electrical system upgrades, heat trace design and installation, and troubleshooting, our solutions can help increase efficiency and lower maintenance costs.

We’re also an authorized service provider for ABB Drives Startup and offer on-site repair service, so you can safely minimize production and process downtime.

Control System Integration

To operate any process efficiently, it is essential to measure, actuate, record and control, especially in harsh environments. Winn-Marion proudly supports over 50,000 customer recording and control solutions across the US.

We offer a full line of field and plant instrumentation and devices, including USMEP SCADA systems, ski lift engine controls, analyzer services, AFR rich burn controls, smart LACT systems, catalyst element cleaning services, custom panel design, natural gas analysis shelters, catalyst monitoring systems, geothermal plant automation, rich burn controls, gas processing plants and Cloud-Based SCADA.

Sales, Installation and Repair

More than just a manufacturer’s representative and distributor, Winn-Marion provides added value by offering turnkey sales, installations, system integration, calibrations, factory-authorized repair, and more on all of our products.

Whether the application is big or small, Winn-Marion provides a complete range of heat tracing products, design services, project management, site installation, system audits, maintenance, and training.

We are also the only Woodward factory-authorized repair facility in the Rocky Mountain states for all your maintenance and overhaul needs. We have ten full-stocked warehouses across the US and two UL-508A and UL- 698-panel shops.

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