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Full-Scale, State-of-the-Art Automation Technology

With over 100 field service technicians across twelve states, the automation engineers at Winn-Marion provide end-to-end solutions for a variety of applications. Utilizing powerful products from the leading manufacturers, we design and support the dynamic automation systems to solve complex engineering challenges.

Plunger and Gas Lift Optimization

Winn-Marion is constantly on the cutting edge of technology. Using the intelligence inside our TotalFlow Controllers, along with unmatched industry experience, we are able to help producers increase their oil production while decreasing their spend on artificial lift. Winn-Marion’s approach to Gas Lift optimization has proven hugely successful for many clients throughout the US.

Wellpad Automation and Expandable Pad Control

Manual wellpad management is both time-consuming and expensive in the long-term. The task also involves a high margin of error since human employees are responsible for managing critical oil and gas operations, while maintaining optimal conditions and compliance. Wellpad automation takes the hard work and monotony of keeping important oil and gas operations in check, while driving high-level efficiency.

At Winn-Marion, we use state-of-the-art technology to streamline wellpad automation and eliminate one of the core worries of managing a pad site. This technology includes:

  • Smarten Pump Off Controller that optimizes Rod-Pump speeds and maintains production efficiency.
  • ABB Instrumentation designed to improve process-up time, resist chemical corrosion, and meet the harsh conditions of oil production sites.
  • ABB Remote Modular Controller (RMC) that provides industry leading measurement and control capabilities designed specifically for the ever increasing complexity of our industry’s oil production facilities.

Multi-Stream Chemical Injection System

A chemical injection system is designed to combine both software and hardware equipment in order to eliminate the presence of corrosion and deposits. This helps to improve the overall quality of oil and gas before shipment. However, monitoring the presence of harmful debris can be challenging in multiple chemical tanks.

Winn-Marion offers a multi-stream chemical injection system to check the levels of multiple chemical tanks. The remote controller software is also able to record the values of chemical injection variables to optimize production.

Coriolis Flow Meter Cleaning

A key instrument in the oil and gas sectors, coriolis meters help measure the mass of slurries, gases and liquids. Over time, coriolis cleaning is required to ensure accuracy and efficiency of the meter. Winn-Marion services any coriolis, regardless of the manufacturer.

Coriolis Cleaning Process takes 1-2 days and consists of:

  • Application of a safe, non-corrosive cleaning solution to break up the materials that coagulate within the meter
  • Pressure-washing the meter
  • Coriolis tubing inspection using a digital microscope to ensure all obstructions are removed
  • Water flow testing on our custom-built test stand

Solar and Battery Powered Remote Energy Kits

Solar power is a tried-and-true method for optimizing energy-efficiency and saving money on long-term electrical costs, especially in remote pipeline systems.

Winn-Marion provides industrial-grade solar and battery powered remote energy kits that are reliable in all kinds of rugged environmental conditions climates to enable real-time data communications. In addition to installation, Winn-Marion offers consultations to see which remote power kits might be best for your operations.

Oxygen Analysis and Shut-in

Natural gas is required to have less than 10 ppm oxygen. A higher level of oxygen is indicative of a leak, which can cause disastrous results coupled with the moisture-rich natural gas environment. Manually, it can become problematic to constantly inspect oxygen levels and maintain compliance.

Winn-Marion provides a turnkey oxygen analysis and shut-in system to easily detect high oxygen levels in gas valves. This prevents safety hazards, while minimizing downtime if a problem does occur.

Upstream Oil & Gas Level Detection

Upstream oil and gas production involves the new discovery and extraction of new materials in the earth. Monitoring the level of oil and gas in upstream valves is pivotal for ensuring that essential production operations are running smoothly. Operators can also tackle predictive maintenance and automate data logging and reporting.

Winn-Marion ensures that operators don’t have to rely on manual solutions for upstream oil and gas level detection. Instead, they can use a customized solution for monitoring purposes.

Variable Frequency Drives

Refining, manufacturing and production applications in the gas and oil sector depend on rigid, motorized pumps. Ensuring that these pumps are operating at peak efficiency is critical to maximize profitability. Variable frequency drives (VFDs) are used to regulate continual motor performance and speed.

Winn-Marion are VFD experts that help operators optimize their pump motors with turnkey solutions and improve the efficiency of production.

Fabrication Shop

Every custom design begins at Winn Marion’s UL-508A and UL-698A certified fabrication shop. Operators can order custom-built industrial panels, have them shipped to the site, and installed by our expert field automation technicians.

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