Woodward – Partner Since 2002

For 20 years and counting, Winn-Marion has partnered with Woodward to provide leading solutions for engine and turbine systems.

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Total Solution Design

Universal Compatibility

Easy to Use

Investment Protection

Total Solution Design

Universal Compatibility

Easy to Use

Investment Protection

Best-In-Class Partners for Prime Mover and Genset Control Solutions and Services

Winn-Marion makes it work. That’s why we hand-pick our partners for total reliability and performance. From conception to engineering, commissioning, and beyond, we support every product we sell and service.

A Leader in Engine and Turbine Control Systems

In addition to being a Woodward parts distributor, Winn-Marion is the only Woodward factory-authorized repair facility in the Rocky Mountain region. We provide comprehensive repair and remanufacturing needs, including governors, actuators, combustion turbine gas, liquid, and water valves.

Winn-Marion’s factory-trained Woodward experts are available to install, calibrate, repair and field-service all Woodward products.

Delivering Solutions That Change the World

A History of Engineering Excellence

For over 150 years, Woodward has focused its resources and expertise on delivering proven systems that perform under incredible demands. Customers have come to rely on them to help address and solve challenges associated with global efficiency initiatives – from reducing emissions, to increasing energy efficiency, to helping them introduce alternative energy sources.


Understanding that system reliability is a major requirement for oil and gas, petrochemical, and process plant industries, Woodward’s control, actuation, valves, and protection systems are designed to meet the high level of reliability and redundancy required across challenging industrial applications.

Supporting Steam-Using Industries

Key industries include: Refining and Petrochemical, Mining, Utility, Gas and Oil Midstream, Landfill, Water Treatment, Breweries, Onsite and Backup Power Generation, Microgrid and Distributed Energy Resources.

Woodward Power
Control Systems

Woodward controllers meet the diverse needs of the on-site electrical power generation industry. These controllers reduce total installed/operating cost and commissioning time while improving availability, efficiency, reliability and longevity. They also help you to meet the increased grid stability requirements resulting from the integration of renewables.

Winn-Marion is here to keep your plant running smoothly with field service for generator and power plant controllers.

Woodward Engine
Control Solutions

In addition to completely integrated control systems, Woodward provides individual control component technologies that integrate easily with others to provide complete engine equipment control that meets user requirements for efficiency, emissions, performance, and reliability. Linear, rotary, hydro-mechanical, and gear motor actuators are put to work in systems that include turbocharger bypass and recirculation valves, EGR valves, fuel rack control, mass flow metering valves, throttle valves, and wastegate valves. The variety of net force, torque, and bore sizes allow usage on engines ranging in size from 1 L to over 40 MW.

Winn-Marion’s field service capabilities can help you make the most of Woodward’s engine control systems and solutions.

Woodward Turbine
Control Systems

User configurable, standard off-the-shelf control platforms are available for standard steam turbine applications, gas turbines, hydro turbines, and compressors. Woodward offers customizable algorithms, logic, and protection functionality for specific requirements. Control and trip valve actuators and turbine safety system product lines, simple industrial process turbine control systems, and TMR and SIL3 rated controllers offer a very wide range of solutions.

Woodward products and systems provide superior control for critical industrial turbine systems.

Woodward is one of many brands Winn-Marion is proud to represent.

Through our partnership with Woodward, Winn-Marion offers full support for technologies and products designed by a manufacturer with a long and proud history of innovation and impeccable quality in delivering solutions to your business’ needs.

Winn-Marion endeavors to provide all of our customers with quality products and innovative solutions—properly selected to fit each application—every time. We don’t just sell products and wish you good luck. We can assist in startup, integration & customization tailored exactly to our customers’ needs. We are proud to have Woodward-certified technicians on hand who can assist you with installing, optimizing, maintaining, and repairing Woodward’s products and keep your operations running smoothly.