The Beauty of Custom Power Distribution Systems

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MCC Power Control Ssytems by Winn-MarionYour facility is not a static object—it almost seems like a living organism that grows and matures over time. Integrating the custom power distribution systems for your business ensures the ability to evolve without disruption, and with greater safety and flexibility.

Off-the-shelf solutions can easily end up costing you in more ways than just financially. Inefficient or poorly designed systems can cause a loss in productivity, difficulty meeting regulatory standards, or a dulled competitive edge. Electrical services tailored to accommodate your particular needs will save money in the long run and keep your facility competitive in a crowded industry.

Advantages of Customized Power Distribution Systems

Prepacked electrical solutions are meant to serve a majority that have simple and straightforward needs. These can fall short of your requirements, especially as you grow and technology changes. Engaging a partner with expertise in power distribution systems who can design, build, and support your unique infrastructure will help your business thrive. Custom electrical solutions boast multiple advantages over a one-size-fits-all system.

Addressing Specific Conditions and Requirements

Custom power distribution packages provide electrical solutions that accommodate the distinctive challenges of your industrial facility, including outdated, unsupported, or even obsolete components.

Unless you’re building an entirely new facility, you likely have many legacy systems in place; remodeling to take advantage of the latest electrical innovations doesn’t mean having to get rid of everything and starting fresh.

Designing Electrical Solutions Around Legacy Systems

When you choose an off-the-shelf solution to update or expand your existing infrastructure, you might end up struggling to connect the two. Dealing with frustrating compatibility issues reduces your productivity and efficiency, which defeats the purpose of your electrical upgrades in the first place.

Commercial and industrial experts account for your existing systems and build around them to maximize compatibility. ‘Legacy’ doesn’t always mean ‘worthless,’ – keep what continues working smoothly with the help of those who understand power distribution solutions.

Optimizing Electrical Solutions for Efficiency

Choosing customized electrical solutions instead of off-the-shelf systems and products, instills confidence that new automation tools, smart technologies, and energy-efficient systems are specifically selected and tailored to optimize the effectiveness of your existing processes.

Guaranteed Compliance with Safety Standards

The strict regulatory and safety standards in your industry place stringent demands on the features and capabilities of your electrical system. Tailored electrical services excel where off-the-shelf solutions fall short: the latter might not be guaranteed to meet all the regulations unique to your industry because it was designed for general safety and compliance concerns.

When you partner with power distribution system pros, your solution can be designed from the ground up with those regulatory demands in mind. As a result, it will minimize the risk of safety hazards, employee injuries or incurring legal penalties.

Providing Scalable, Future-Proof Solutions

Industrial electric experts can build custom infrastructure that anticipates future needs and is designed to make expansion and further development more accessible.

A custom electrical infrastructure solution can also incorporate cutting-edge technologies and innovations that might not be available to standard off-the-shelf products. This provides you with a competitive edge today and will make it easier to adapt to the technology of tomorrow.

Long-Term Cost-Effectiveness

One drawback to choosing a custom power distribution system is that the upfront costs are usually much higher. But the quality work and expertise required to develop these types of tailored electrical solutions are worth the investment.

However, because a custom system will more effectively meet your facility’s needs, it is very likely to prove worth the expense in the long run.

Custom solutions are also often more reliable and have a longer life, thereby reducing the costs of maintenance, repairs, or replacement. A system can also be designed for optimal energy efficiency, further reducing operational costs in its lifetime.

Improving Reliability and Minimizing Downtime

The productivity and pace of your operations depend heavily on the dependability of your electrical systems. Just as safety regulations can vary from one industry to another, the reliability of your electrical systems must meet certain variable standards too.

Customized power distribution systems designed and built by electricians with commercial and industrial expertise will consider these needs. An expert will account for the unique features and conditions of your facility, as well as the daily operations that influence what a system requires, such as redundancy and fault tolerance.

Some degree of system downtime may be inevitable, but a custom system can be designed so that when you need to shut things down for scheduled maintenance or emergency repairs, you can get back up and running again quickly.

Partner with Electricians with Industrial Expertise

There is no shortage of potential benefits to commissioning custom electrical services, but made-to-order solutions are only as good as the partner you enlist to create it. Winn-Marion is fully staffed with experienced engineers and highly technical personnel so clients can lean on us for the design and implementation of quality industrial solutions.

At Winn-Marion, we provide end-to-end industrial electrical services built on a solid foundation of over five decades of experience. Our deep knowledge across a wide range of industries, combined with our hands-on experience with a vast array of industrial electrical products, make us uniquely qualified to determine the best custom solution to meet your needs.

Winn-Marion offers panel design, switchgear, e-housing, certified motor startup, electrical system upgrades, and more. Every custom design begins at our UL-508A, UL-698A and UL-891 certified fabrication shop. Operators can order custom-built industrial panels, have them shipped to the site, and installed by our expert field automation technicians.

Contact us to find out what our solution engineers can do for you.

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