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abb pressure measurement 266 in fieldPressure measurement is a critical parameter in numerous applications across many industries. To operate any process efficiently, it is essential to measure, actuate, record and control.

Accurate and reliable pressure measurement is crucial for a number of important reasons. More than returning basic benefits, pressure measurement is necessary to achieve specific objectives. The following is a synopsis of these.

Management and Efficiency

Accurate pressure measurement is essential for controlling and optimizing various processes, especially in industries like oil and gas, chemical processing, power generation, and manufacturing. It helps maintain optimal operating conditions, improves efficiency, and ensures product quality and consistency.

In applications involving fluid flow, such as pipelines, water distribution, and hydraulic systems, pressure measurement is necessary to monitor and control flow rates, detect blockages or leaks, and ensure proper fluid delivery.

Pressure measurement also plays an important role in managing energy consumption in systems like steam distribution networks and compressed air systems. Properly monitoring and controlling pressures can lead to significant energy savings by optimizing pressure levels.

Data Collection

Collecting and analyzing pressure data can identify trends, detect anomalies, and help guide informed decisions for process adjustments or maintenance activities.

In applications involving fluid flow, such as pipelines, water distribution systems, and hydraulic systems, pressure measurement is used to monitor and control flow rates, detect blockages or leaks, and ensure proper fluid delivery.

Safety and Equipment Protection

Many industrial processes involve hazardous materials or operate under high pressures. Precise pressure measurement is vital for ensuring safe operations, preventing accidents like explosions or leaks, and complying with safety regulations and industry standards.

Excessive or fluctuating pressures can cause equipment damage, leaks, or failures. Monitoring pressure helps identify potential issues early, prevent costly breakdowns, and extend the lifespan of equipment and machinery.abb pressure measurement series 266

Pressure Measurement Made Easy

Unrivalled in its expertise and longstanding tradition in transmitter manufacturing, ABB offers the world’s most comprehensive range of top-quality pressure measurement products. The ABB 266 Pressure series is specifically designed to meet the widest range of applications, from arduous conditions in offshore oil and gas to the laboratory environment of the pharmaceutical industry.

ABB’s products are based on common technology, providing a common look and feel and method of operation. This results in products that are easy to configure, easy to operate and easy to maintain. Eliminating complex wired infrastructures results in shorter installation time and lowers overall implementation costs.

High Overload Absolute Pressure Transmitters

Models 266NSH and 266NRH (includes Remote Diaphragm Seal) with an integrated high overload protection system are suitable for measuring liquid, gas or steam flow, as well as level, pressure and density.  These cost-effective options provide reliability in critical process applications at extended temperature ranges.

Differential Pressure Transmitters

Models 266DSH and 266DRH (includes Remote Diaphragm Seal) are standard DP-Style designs recognized for their long stability and high performance. Each features Plugged Impulse Line Detection, which offers predictive maintenance by identifying when the impulse lines are going to be plugged. Appropriate for measuring liquid, gas or steam flow, as well as level, pressure and density.

High Overload Gauge Pressure Transmitters

266HSH is a high overload gauge pressure transmitter with a maximum working pressure up to 105 MPa, 15225 psi suitable for measuring liquid, gas or steam pressure in a pipe or on an open tank.  Communication options include Modbus®, in addition to 4-20mA HART, low-power 1-5V HART, Wireless HART, Profibus, and Foundation Fieldbus.

This intelligent transmitter provides precise measurements of gauge pressure and optional process temperature (the latter by means of an externally connected Pt100 resistance temperature detector), in a single device.  Information is available to any host device that can communicate using Modbus® protocol.

Multivariable Transmitters for Mass Flow and Level

The multivariable transmitters in the 266CSH (accuracy 0.075%) and 266CST (accuracy 0.04%) are used for differential pressure flow measurements. Apart from pressure- and/or temperature-dependent changes to the density of the fluid, other parameters (such as the discharge coefficient, thermal expansion of pipelines and primary device and the Reynolds number) are also corrected. It can also be used for DP level measurement if density compensation is necessary, making any level measurement much more reliable. The multivariable 266 also offers the advantage of being the only device needed for the measuring point (instead of several transmitters and a flow calculator).

Multivariable Transmitters for Differential Pressure, Absolute Pressure and Temperature Measurement

Multi-sensor technology allows the 266JST (accuracy 0.04%) and 266JSH (accuracy 0.075%) to measure differential pressure, absolute pressure and temperature of liquid, vapor and gas via an external RTD. In addition to high precision, the multivariable 266 also offers the advantage of being the only device needed for the measuring point (instead of several transmitters). This reduces purchase and installation costs and increases reliability due to fewer devices and less wiring.

The 266 Modbus® multivariable transmitter is the most accurate multivariable ABB has ever produced. This device allows replacement of up to 3 individual sensors with 1 Modbus® Multivariable. It provides precise and reliable measurement of differential pressure, static pressure, temperature (from an external RTD) and diagnostic information once every second. Modbus addresses can easily be configured using the optional keypad/display or using the XMV Interface application. This creates a “plug and play” interface and indicates any active alarms that may be present in easily understood text.

Features of all 266 Series Transmitters

  • Innovative TTG (Through the Glass) technology allows configuration in the field without removing the window front cover
  • Intuitive plug-and-play display with easy setup
  • In-field replaceable electronics module
  • SIL2/SIL3 certification guarantees protection
  • WirelessHART communication protocol
  • Battery life of about 10 years at 32 sec update rates

World-Class Measurement Solutions

ABB wireless pressure transmitters offer options that evaluate flow, level, differential pressure, absolute pressure and gauge pressure. These instruments offer exceptional safety, reliability, performance and adaptability, while increasing system productivity and helping to reduce operating costs. After almost 40 years of collaboration, Winn-Marion trusts ABB’s portfolio of world-class measurement solutions as the best in the business. Contact Us to discuss which solution is best for your application!

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