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Automation Service

Automation Service

  • Turnkey Automation
  • Network Design
  • Solar Packages
  • Calibrations
  • Pressure Control
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Controls Integration

Controls Integration

  • Emissions Monitoring
  • Analyzers
  • Speed & Load Control
  • Engine Control
  • Governor Upgrades
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Sales, Assembly & Repair

Controls Integration

  • Heat Tracing
  • ESD Valves
  • Valve Assembly
  • Flow Meters
  • Recorders
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ABB Totalflow Products

LevelMaster Level Sensor


    LevelMaster Level Sensor
The Totalflow LevelMaster uses a patented multilayer transformer technology to provide high precision liquid level measurements. 

In service at thousands of production and gathering sites, the LevelMaster digital level sensors can be used to:

  • Prevent Spills and Detect Leaks
  • Manage Production Inventories
  • Ensure Accurate Custody Transfer
  • Generate Run-Tickets Automatically
  • Automate Pumps and Disposal Systems
  • Schedule Haul-Off Trucks
  • Minimize Time on Tanks


Floats are used to measure oil, water and emulsion levels up to 25-feet deep, with a relative accuracy of 0.1 inch. The floats can be installed to measure only the top surface level (single float), or both surface and interface levels (dual floats). In addition to level measurement, an RTD measures the liquid temperature at the load line. Data transmitted from the level sensor can be accessed locally, near the tank, or remotely via wired or wireless networking.

Key Features

  • In-field interfaces and software connect directly to the LevelMaster sensor
  • Remote interface software options that meet SCADA
  • Powerful and highly adaptable level measurement applications that are configured in PCCU and displayed on Totalflow XSeries flow computers for standalone operation
  • High-precision level measurement up to 25-feet, accurate to 0.1 inch
  • Customizable alarms and reports
  • Very little power consumption
  • Highly adaptable data collection and automation capabilities
  • Compatible with existing Totalflow computers and RTUs
  • Simple one-time installation and calibration
  • Meets and exceeds requirements for Federal Bureau of Land Management
  • Optional high level switch for failsafe shutdown
  • Dynamic temperature correction during transfer

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