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Automation Service

Automation Service

  • Turnkey Automation
  • Network Design
  • Solar Packages
  • Calibrations
  • Pressure Control
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Controls Integration

Controls Integration

  • Emissions Monitoring
  • Analyzers
  • Speed & Load Control
  • Engine Control
  • Governor Upgrades
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Sales, Assembly & Repair

Controls Integration

  • Heat Tracing
  • ESD Valves
  • Valve Assembly
  • Flow Meters
  • Recorders
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Ski Lift Engine Control System


Application: Winn-Marion's Ski Lift Auxiliary Diesel Engine Control System is a modern replacement for obsolete ramp generators and speed governors found on many Ski Lift auxiliary diesel engines.

Description: The system uses the proven and reliable Woodward PCM-HD Controller, which is in use in more than 100,000 industrial applications, and heavy-duty passenger-carrying vehicles throughout the world. This system can safely and reliably accommodate either a Normally Closed or Normally Open fuel actuator. Other actuator types and engines can easily be accommodated.

This system comes complete with:

  •  12x14x7" Lockable & Tamper Resistant Control Panel That Can be Mounted On or Near the Engine
  • New Engine and Tailshaft Speed Sensors
  • Cables
  • Free Configuration & Diagnostic Software


  • Modern replacement for obsolete ramp generator and engine speed governor controls.
  • Accommodates Normally Closed or Normally Open fuel actuators.
  • Complete Ski Lift Auxiliary Diesel Engine Control System. Ready to install out of the box with control panel, speed sensors, and free software.
  • Local/Remote Keyswitch and panel-mounted speed select pushbuttons allow standalone operation, independent of lift PLC.
  • Controls and monitors engine and tailshaft speeds simultaneously.
  • Advanced safety features such as engine and tailshaft overspeed monitoring, engine rev limiting, and hardware and speed sensor fault monitoring.

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